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Quality Statement

CDB Utility Contractors constantly continue to pursue the following goals in order to meet or exceed our company demand for quality assurance:


  1. Strict compliance of our company’s services, meeting today’s corporate high standards requirements.

  2. Professional and technical level of the services must exceed that of the leading enterprises and companies operating in the utility construction industry.

  3. Responsibility to our customers for the quality of the services rendered.

  4. Cost efficiency of the services as compared with other companies operating in the utility industry.

  5. Development and implementation of new services that fully satisfy our customers’ needs.

  6. Continuous monitoring of complaints and claims from our customers, and our aim to maintain these at zero.

  7. Positioning our company in the utility industry by employing a professional staff educated to providing services of high quality.


Our strategy for achieving these goals in order to maintain our commitment for quality assurance:


  1. Focus on our management model system and continuous improvement of our company services in accordance with our industries requirements.

  2. Fulfillment of the customers’ requirements within the shortest periods of time, while still providing the highest quality possible.

  3. Understanding our customer’s present and future needs and requirements.

  4. Continuous cooperation with our customers in order to understand their needs.

  5. Making quality issues a priority in our organization.

  6. Strict quality assurance procedures are to be considered at all times with personnel held responsible for non-compliance of quality assurance.

  7. Primary focus on prevention of a possible decrease in quality rather than on measures to restore the quality level.

  8. Consistent training of all CDB Utility Contractors' personnel toward our Mission, Goals, and Strategies will ensure our employee’s participation in our continued commitment to service improvement.

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